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Selling with Voecks’

No longer relishing your high school glory days and ready to get rid of your old class ring? Still holding onto jewelry gifted in a relationship that has since ended? Have a gold tooth that the dentist took out a while back?

If you live near Greater Fox Cities, WI, Outagamie County, Winnebago, or Calumet Count and want to sell gold and coins to get it off your hands, Voecks’ Fox Valley Coin & Diamonds Etc. will take it! We buy anything gold, silver, and platinum.

Some Questions You Might Have About Selling

What is scrap value?

The Scrap value refers to the salvage value of the item. The price is determined based on the weight and metal purity along with the quantity and quality of any gemstones that are in the item.

Can a used piece of jewelry be sold instead of scrapped?

No, certain issues, such as: needing repair, worn stones, dated look, etc., prevent a piece from even attempting to be resold. Even if attempting to resell an item, if it does not sell in a certain time period it will either be scrapped or resold to another estate dealer for a price close to its scrap value.

Why are there numbers on pieces of jewelry? What do they mean?

Jewelry is internationally marked to reference the purity of the metal used to create the piece.

  • Sterling silver = 925 (92.5% pure silver)
  • Platinum = 900 or 950 (90 or 95% pure silver)
  • Gold = 417 or 420 (10k), 585 (14k), 750 (18k)

How can I tell if a piece is authentic?

As professional buyers, we use our eyes to examine the heft (weight vs size) along with some trusty science to determine the quality of a piece. Remember to consider:

  • Real gold, silver, and platinum all are non-magnetic.
  • Gold plated items have the look of wet/tacky paint.
  • Vermeil is gold plating over a silver base metal.

How often should I get my jewelry checked by a professional?

We recommend you swing by Voecks’ every 3-4 months to check the shape of your jewelry. Each season presents its share of hazards for pieces you frequently wear.

The people of Fox Cities have counted on our family’s expertise for 50+ years.

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