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On the hunt for a local business where you can buy or sell diamonds, silver, gold, and coins? The family-owned Voecks’ Fox Valley Coin & Diamonds Etc. has provided sparkling service to the Village of Kimberly and Greater Fox Cities, WI, communities for generations.

As reliable bullion and gold dealers serving customers across Winnebago and Calumet County, we strive to deliver a gold-standard customer experience to everyone we work with. As a business in the family for over half a century, the Voecks’ are considered the Fox Cities’ coin and jewel experts!

Want to ditch class rings, unwanted earrings, never-worn necklaces, etc.?
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Voecks’ is a treasure trove of a store. Where else can you find collector coins, new and estate jewelry, and investment bullion services under one roof? Voecks’ Fox Valley Coin & Diamonds Etc. truly offers a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

We believe the reason for our success is not just our fantastic selection — but our passion for educating our people about pieces of interest, as well.

Rare Coin FAQ

What will you buy?

Voecks buys United States Collectable Coinage. We will not accept a coin if it does not have a country, year of issue, or a face value amount. Voecks’ buys all collectible US coinage and silver coins as well as token and world coinage. Collector coins are typically one style prior to the coin currently in circulation.

We currently only buy world coinage as bulk obsolete coinage & currency for a very low price. If world money is still in current use the best option is to spend it BEFORE leaving the country that issues it. If you still have paper money left the banks will exchange it, but no one will exchange coinage due to the high cost of transporting it. We buy it as obsolete coinage to sell to collectors by the pound.

What makes a coin collectable?

Scarcity and interested buyers. Even if you have a rare coin you’re ready to sell right in your pocket, there needs to be another party who wants to buy the item to designate it as a “collectible” item. For instance, some mints (including the Franklin Mint, Bradford Exchange) greatly decrease value following its release. Further proving the statement “it is only worth what someone will pay for it” all the more true.

Are there coin alternatives out there?

Yes! Some alternative coins out there include:

  • Hard Time Tokens
  • Advertising Tokens
  • Transportation Tokens
  • Love Tokens
  • Metals

What are the mints in the United States? What if there is no mint present?

  • Denver (D)
  • Orleans (O)
  • San Francisco (S)
  • Carson City (CC)

Likely, if your coin does not feature a mint, it was a product of Philadelphia.

How do I clean coins?

Never do that! If a little freshening up is necessary, please use only a little mild hand soap and lightly scrub with your fingers. Anything more will damage the coin.

What makes a coin a coin instead of a token or commemorative?

A coin needs to have a Year, a denomination (value amount) and a country of issue. Some countries (such as Liberia or Cook Islands) have turned their coinage into a hopeful collectible by making coins to commemorate events that are not part of their country or culture.

When a country makes a coin to commemorate a special event or anniversary, but does not release the coins into circulation it is called a commemorative. The US makes several Commemorative halves and dollars each year to spotlight important aspects of: our culture, society, historically important locations or important people.

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