Our Story

We are a 3-generation strong, family business with a tradition of serving the Fox Cities. Father & son, Fred & Fritz Voecks, officially started Fox Valley Coin in 1964, when Fritz graduated from High School. Both Fred and Fritz were avid coin collectors and part of the area coin collector shows. Before that time, Fred sold basic coin supplies and collector coins off the front porch of the family home while he was running the family meat market/grocery store in downtown Appleton, WI. Fred's younger son, Randy, also joined the family business after graduating High School.

Over time, the family has evolved in the coin industry; as well as developed off-shoot companies, but the core business has always been collector coins. During the late 1970's and early 1980's, the silver market went "sky high" and everyone was selling off coin silver, silver flatware, and jewelry. As was often the case, coin dealers were always "wheeler dealers, always buying, always selling...” so Fox Valley Coin started in the jewelry business from the buying of used jewelry. This is where our "niche" began and continues yet today. Over the years we have expanded into new jewelry as well as estate jewelry, we still pride ourselves as one of the area’s largest buyers of gold, silver and platinum in all forms.

Fritz’s daughter grew up behind the counters and officially joined as a bottom level staff member during her high school years. The family business became her passion as well, but the focus there was on the jewelry portion. Though high school & college, Michelle continued in the family business slowly moving up in responsibilities along with her education, eventually receiving several Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificates, graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration and earning a manager role in the business. Over the years, Michelle has continued the family tradition of serving our customers from the Fox Cities with the traditional values and integrity our customers have grown to expect.

Although our traditional values are still firmly in place, we have also embraced the technological evolution. We are on several different industry-specific computer networks. We utilize computerized databases and forms to standardize buying and selling practices. We have invested in state of the art industry specialized technology such as digital microscopes, diamond colorimeter grading machine and a precious metal x-ray analyzer (one of the first in North East Wisconsin).