What We Sell

We are one of the area’s largest collector coin stores. We sell all types of US coins both in our store and on eBay as FoxyOffers.

We also have a huge selection of New Jewelry and Kameleon Jewelry as well as estate jewelry. Our estate jewelry has everything from just like grandma’s to just like new.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between New and Estate Jewelry?

New jewelry can be special ordered or created to be exactly what you want.   The buyer pays the full cost of manufacturing. Estate jewelry is previously owned, it might have slight wear and is not recommended to do much modification, but the price should be much lower due to someone else paying for the costs of labor and equipment.

What are the differences between 10K, 14K, & 18K?

The numbers refer to the purity of gold on a 24K scale. 14K is 14 parts gold 10 parts other alloying metals. The other metals determine the color and malleability of the gold. Most jewelry in the United States is 10K or 14K.  European use primarily 18K while Asians use primarily 22K – 24K

Why do gemstones get scratched or damaged?

Stones scratch due to contact with items that are harder than them. Moh’s hardness scale, rates gemstones and other materials with a hardness ratting, When stones some into contact with other items that are harder than them, they can scratch and wear. This is science behind gemstones are cut.

What is the best way to clean jewelry?

Use either a store bought jewelry cleaner or a mild soap and an old tooth brush to scrub around the stones. With either cleaner make sure to rinse the item well to remove any soap residue.

Why is my ring out of round?

When a ring is too large at the base of you figure the little bit of extra space gets shoved around as you pick up heavy items.   Over time it makes the ring slightly out of round.

Why does my ring spin at the base of my finger?

If the ring is slightly large as the base of your finger it has no resistance, so gravity pulls the heaviest part downward.   If the ring can be sized down that is the best course of action, but sometimes it is the result of a worn grove from a ring being there for many years or an enlarged knuckle, in which case talk with a professional jeweler to come up with possible solutions based on the individual ring and person.

How often should you get your jewelry checked?

Best plan for basic protection is once every 3 – 4 months.   Each season has different life activities associated with it and different hardships you put your jewelry through.

Do I need an appraisal?

An Appraisal is a written document declaring what it is that you have.  An insurance appraisal is used to help provide the information and maximum cost of replacement of a piece of jewelry. An Insurance appraisal is only needed it you are actually planning on insuring your jewelry. If you are planning on insuring the item consider the replacement cost of the item verse the deductible associated with the item.

What is Karat vs Carat?

Karat is gold purity on a 24K scale. The number K is the parts gold out of 24 parts. Carat is the weight of the gemstone. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, or 0.007 ounces (avoirdupois).

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