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Voecks Fox Valley Coin & Diamonds etc. is a unique blend of collector coins, new jewelry, estate jeweler & investment bullion.

Our history has always been the collector coins. Like many other dealers during the silver boom of the late 70’s & early 80’s, we expanded into the jewelry business through estate jewelry because we were buying so many beautiful pieces of jewelry that were a shame to destroy.

Over the years, we have expanded into new jewelry as well, but also have one of the largest estate jewelry selections in the Fox Cities.

Our history of buying from the public has been with us since our beginning. Collector coin dealers are always buying from their customers when someone upgrades they frequently want to sell the original to help pay for the new acquisition. Also someone has to be willing to buy all those collections when the person who has them no longer wants or needs them. It is that mindset that has had us always being ready to buy from the public whether it was collector coins, bullion (metal investments that were formerly coins worth about the same as their metal content vs. collector value - - the gold pieces from the 1800’s to early 1900’s and 90% coin silver)

Being familiar with the metal values made the collector coin dealers the perfect venue to buy unwanted jewelry. They knew the metal values & weren’t above being willing to offer a price for the item compare to the jewelers not wanting to create a negative image for themselves by saying what an item was worth as scrap metal. Become experts at diamonds & gemstones as well as collector coins, gold and silver just became a natural part of doing business.

I often say of being a buyer of jewelry makes one much more of an expert at it than just selling the item. When we purchase an item from a wholesale, they will gladly tell you everything about the piece, especially in that is how the price is determined. When we buy something from the public, we are going in blind. My frequent saying is "5 minutes per item for an offer to purchase". That means in 5 minutes or less (virtually always less) I have to go from knowing nothing to knowing enough to make a fair and reasonable offer in which we do not lose money, but is fair to the customer. Often our offer has more information (with the details to back it up) than the appraisal the customer got with their original purchase.

We are a unique mix of old-fashioned customer service & new-fangled technology. We strive to treat our clients with courtesy & respect. We treat them like we would like to be treated, like a friend. We embrace technology to help us do our job better. Some of the specialized higher end equipment is a diamond colorimeter ($8000 device for color grading diamond with any grading bias), and a handheld X-Ray analyzer ($18,000 device for X-ray analyzing metals to determine non-destructively the metals contained and their relative purities). We also utilize computers for up to date pricing options on bullion investing and standardized buying procedures that clearly detail what we are paying for all items. We also use that buying procedure to help work local police departments to ensure that we are not buying stolen items & helps them proceed to catch the criminals when we inadvertently do buy items.



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Fox Valley Coin & Diamonds, etc.
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